Le Cavalier Mongol


In the Darhat valley, in the north of Mongolia, the horses of the nomadic tribes are disappearing. Bandits steal them and sell them for a few rubles in Russian slaughterhouses. But Shukhert, a Darhat horseman who looks like a vigilante, pursues them without letting go, to the end of the Mongolian taiga, on the border with Siberia.
Documenting the way of life of the last nomads for more than ten years, director and ethnographer Hamid Sardar is this year invited to follow Shukhert on his eternal journey.
Between tribal rivalries, smuggling and gold diggers, Hamid wonders what horse stealing says about Mongolia today​​​​​​​
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Hamid Sardar
ARTE France, Les gens bien production, DCMP
Arte, Ushuaïa TV

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